Howdy, all, and welcome. After much late-night typing, cussing and fussing, the Clipboard saga is ready and available for your viewing pleasure.  And I have to point out yet again that in order to use the navigator, you need to have active content enabled on your browser.  .The Navigator simply won't function otherwise.  If you get a dialog box warning you about enabling active content, just give it temporary control to read through the pages.  If the arrow and "GO" buttons light up when you put the mouse pointer over them, your browser is allowing active content.  If not, then active content has been disabled.  Check your information bar near the top of the screen and follow the instructions.

On the other hand, if you have active content enabled, then you're ready to go.  Just scroll down to the navigator and click away.

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I hope you enjoy your visit.

-- ZWM

Clipboard Navigator
Navigator Buttons:

The "START" button returns to the first page.  Click the right arrow to go forward, the left arrow to go backward.

The "EXTRAS" button goes to a different page with Clipboard Trivia and other things.

The "CREDITS" button goes to the Credits page.

The "HOME" button will return to the main Clipboard page.