Clipboard: The Story of the Story

This is the story of how Clipboard came to be, in case you're wondering where all that insanity came from.  Here's the explanation, as far as I can recall...

It all begins with Liz Faire, a member of the PL&CK mailing list - Llama Herder, Lady Sith and really cool artist.  She made this hilarious comic where, upon being threatened by two of her fave bishies (Lotor and Prince Vegeta), she erases their clothes and puts them in nothing but collars, cuffs and bunny ears.  It broke me up, and still does.  During a Sunday evening when Liz and I were in a chat room, we did a little impromptu online RP where we pondered what would happen if Tasia - a character from my Lion Tales fic - got her hands on Liz's Magic Pencil ©.  The results were pretty much as expected - she went around making all the guy's clothes disappear.

It was pretty funny, and after I logged off the gears started turning.  I thought if Tasia was that bad with Liz's pencil, then what would happen if she got hold of my clipboard, the very object used to create the universe that she lives in?
Sven experiences his own wardrobe malfunction, courtesy of Tasia. The result was first the image called "Vanishing Act" (shown on the left), and then it went on to become the full-blown version of Clipboard.  When I started, I made the first couple of pages with no real idea of the direction I was headed in.   But after the page where Tasia makes Lance vanish, all except his jacket, it began to take on a life of its own and continued that way until the end.

[11 November 2008]: The Clipboard saga is now complete and available in its entirety for your viewing enjoyment.  Huzzah!

NEW! See the original comic by Liz Faire that made it all happen.

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