BanDai 1/60 Phantom Labor

The Phantom you see here is actually NOT my first one, this one is my 2nd Phantom, and 3rd Patlabor kit over all. This thing is still one of my favorite mecha designs (er, it's not piloted, so it's more of a robot... *shurgs* ) because it's so simple in it's design, and looks good too.

Although the kit isn't the best, it only suffers from bad poseablity in the legs, the arms on this kit can move fine. Unless they're restricted by the rubbery joint covers. Mine of course has custom made cloth joint covers on it, and they're all hand sewn, too. The Phantom's have to be the smallest ones I had to make, as they're just tube like covers.

And my only real problem is how the jammer device in the chest is done. You have to manually put it in (and I've actually never included it in either kit) and I don't really like that... I think I'm spoiled by the Virsago's cannon that's almost the same as this... Ah well, the Phantom looks the best without it IMO.

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