BanDai 1/60 Griffon Labor

My 2nd Patlabor kit (the Phantom was my first) and my first fully puttyed and seamless (almost) Patlabor kit. I had fun with this one because the seams are done in some spots so they really don't need the putty. Like on the arms where they go at an angle, it kinda hides the seam, although it does need some sanding to make it truely seamless (well, if you glued it first... Sometimes all you need is glue to get rid of a seam)

My only big problem with this kit is that it can't stand on it's own with the wings on... (I assume weighting the feet would fix that, but I have none, and didn't mind the kneeling pose) And the poseability isn't so great, either... And the other problem with the kit is that is has those evil rubbery joint covers... Besides the fact that they can eat through the plastic, they kill the movement at times... So, I went out to the craft store and got some fabric... A good few tries later, and I had the covers pretty much perfect! (The pants like covers were kinda hard to make... But I finally did figure it out after about three tries ^__^ ) The other covers weren't too hard to do... (Although the Phantoms were much easier to make them for...)

Anyhoo, I think that's it...

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