Bandai 1/144 DeathScythe Hell

The only 1/144 I'm proud of... All the others were done in my early days pretty much, bad snap jobs or bad seam covering jobs... I wanted to do atleast one good one, and for $5 (that I didn't spend anyway) I got me a nice lil DeathScythe to play with (In crappy Americanized box... YAY!... )

I just used glue for the seams, for a change... (Practice I guess ) I copyed my old 1/100 DeathScythe's color scheme the best I could to this lil sucker, and it turned out pretty nice... Course, the crappy 1/144ness doesn't really save it in the end, but like I care? I'll have the 1/100, some day maybe... But even that thing kinda sucks *shrugs*

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