Monogram 1/48 F4U-5 Corsair

Proof American's can make a good kit... There was very little to no flash, and the build was pretty easy (well, minus the rockets, those coulda been better). I think this is also the first time I got rid of the seams on an airpalne kit. Oh yeah, and also my first with recessed panels (like Gundam kits for those of you who wouldn't know what that means)

I Painted it black, instead of blue, because I wanted my own plane... Course, the decals are from one that would be blue... And it looks really nice in black anyway. I nicknamed it the "Black Death". And my only real problem with the kit is that the prop doesn't work... I did try to get it to work, but the thing holding it in is like a poly cap or something... If it was plastic it would have worked better for that IMO.

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