Lion Tales, Chapter 12 - Saralinda

A long-lost heirloom treasured by Allura becomes the focus of Keith's quest to give the ideal birthday gift, and the key to a wager between Allura and Lance.

This is easily my favorite chapter in the entire Lion Tales series.  It's the only chapter that I was able to start and finish in one sitting, and required the least number of fixes.  It was originally intended to be A Royal Affair, but it didn't turn out that way.  And I like the story just the way it is.

The Director's Cut version varies a little in that Team Two is included in the mix.  Dexter attempts to make a painting, but he's not the best artist in the world and his team members feel free to let him know about it.  Alan attempts to make a complex Arusian dessert, and the Mad Creampuff Bomber strikes again.  Tasia decides that Allura should wear some slinky lingerie for a change.  And so on.  But I'm taking time with these additions, because I want to make sure they don't disrupt things.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the original story, just as it is.

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