Lion Tales, Chapter 1 - Hagar's Little Helper

The tension between Lotor and Hagar is turned up several notches with the arrival of Lotor's not so long-lost half sister, Princess Tiralyn.

This chapter introduces one of my many 'extras' in the story, Princess Tira.  I felt this chapter was necessary to tell her story, as well as provide a feel for the current situation on Doom as I created it within the scope of my fan-fic.

Image of Tira


She is the daughter of King Zarkon and a Crown Princess offered to him as tribute from a conquered planet.  As an infant Tira was destined for the Pit of Skulls, but Hagar sensed magical potential in the child and persuaded Zarkon to spare her.  Zarkon agreed to Hagar's request because he had ideas for how the princess could be used for his own designs.

 Tira was left in the hands of caretakers until the age of six, when she began her training as an apprentice.  She is well aware of her royal heritage but she has no designs on the throne.  She simply wants to explore her craft and otherwise be left alone.

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