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[Or, how to blow up your Paint program in 10 easy lessons.]

Sven and Dexter attempt to smuggle Princess Romelle back to her room.


Yeah, I know, that whole tearing down the walls thing in Yahoo! was a bit abrupt.   But I've become more than a bit disgruntled with online social experiments as of late, and I'm cutting way back on my involvement with same.   So the ZVL Archives on Yahoo! are soon to be kaput if they haven't become so already.

I have every intention of creating a brand new gallery here on this web page - in this very spot, as a matter of fact - but I have a ton of things going on and it may take a little time.   Besides, you've been all through the Archives already, right?   Right.

Yeah, I know, I know...another claim to update when I haven't in ages.   But please realize that drawings have to be penciled, inked, colored, writings have to be spell-checked, edited and re-edited, and web pages have to be coded to bring all of this stuff together.  That takes time.

Think of Clipboard.  Was it worth the wait?

I'm trying not to slack this time.  Honest.

See you soon.

-- ZWM

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